Maxi Hughes Boxer Net Worth
Maxi Hughes Boxer Net Worth

When did Maxi Hughes first start boxing professionally? He turned pro in September 2010 at the age of 20. In 21 fights, he has recorded 16 wins, one draw, and two stoppage victories. During his most recent win streak, he won five straight fights between September 2010 and July 2011.

Maxi Hughes net worth

When it comes to revealing his net worth, it is hard to imagine a fighter who has been in the ring longer than Maxi Hughes. The boxer has a combined net worth of $16 million, which includes his pay per fight and his slew of endorsements. In addition to his lucrative boxing career, Hughes has a social media presence. On Twitter, Hughes has a total of 7.29 Thousand followers. His total favorite count is 3418.

His fight record is stacked with major fights, including a world title fight. The Yorkshire native made his professional debut in 2010, beating James J. Braddock, who ended up on government assistance. After a short break from boxing, Hughes continued to improve and won a unanimous decision. He could also face undefeated champ Devin Haney in the near future. Regardless, his fight record is solid enough to make him a viable contender for the British title.

Ryan Garcia is another top contender. He has won world and regional title fights, and his most recent fight was against Luke Campbell in January 2021. Since then, he has won five straight fights and is on his way to winning the next title in 2022. However, Hughes has not announced his next opponent as yet. Nonetheless, he has a good chance of making millions by the time he fights Liam Walsh.

Maxi Hughes height and weight

If you’re interested in knowing more about the height and weight of Maxi Hughes, read on! Hughes began competing as a professional boxer on September 17, 2010, and his first fight was a unanimous decision victory. His professional boxing career is currently over 11 years old and he resides in Rossington, Yorkshire, United Kingdom. His career began as amateur boxing but he was quickly propelled into the professional ranks.

If you’re interested in learning more about the height and weight of this British boxer, you’ve come to the right place. Hughes is a lightweight world champion and hails from Rossington, Doncaster. He quit for a few months after losing his British super featherweight title bout to Sam Bowen, but returned six months later. As a result, Hughes is the youngest ever British boxer to defend his world title.

After a successful amateur career, Hughes has gone on to win 16 of his last 17 fights. His most recent fight was against 8-0 Scott Cardle, which was a full-length fight. Although Hughes ended the fight via PTS, it gave him an 8-fight win streak. From there, Hughes went on to win 11 more bouts. He became only the fifth British boxer to beat Imre Nagy in full-length action, and he beat Andy Harris.

In February of this year, Hughes won his fourth straight fight in Bolton, claiming the British lightweight title from Paul Hyland Jr. Hughes has gone from strength to strength since February 2019.

Maxi Hughes workout routine

A lot of boxers dream of becoming the next Maxi Hughes. The British super-featherweight champion is a good example, and he has shown that by following a good boxer workout routine, you can achieve the same results. Despite his boxing background, Hughes is likeable and down to earth, making his workouts relatable to the average working man. But how does Hughes stay in the best shape of his life?

In his recent fights, the 29-year-old has focused on his boxing workouts. This is the main reason why his fights have always been a priority, and he has a well-structured workout routine. He’s even able to incorporate his full-time job into his training regimen, which makes it easier to stay motivated. In addition to a high-quality workout routine, Hughes also takes his time to recover.

After training with Sean O’Hagan and Josh Warrington, Hughes is set for his next fight, a bout against the highly motivated Straffon. The IBO title is a prize that Hughes is eager to win and has not taken for granted. Despite this, his fitness levels are consistent, and his team won’t allow him to miss a day’s training. He’ll fight his opponent on the same day to stamp his ticket to a dream fight in America.

Maxi Hughes diet plan

When Maxi Hughes won the IBO lightweight title at Headingley Stadium last September, he wasn’t a full-time boxer. He was a painter and decorator by day, then was back on the building site after the fight. His victory over Jovanni Straffon helped him win the belt. He was only twenty-five when he won, and he’s already back at work.

Because of the uncertainty surrounding the 2020 fights, the sport of boxing has had to adapt to the new format. In addition to the increased amount of domestic fights, the sparring schedule has been cut short. Because of this, boxers are now training for fights that will happen in their hometowns. With this new format, Maxi Hughes has had to shift his sparring schedule. However, he’s still working hard to get ready for his big night.

Before heading into a fight, you should know a little about the fighter’s size. At 133 pounds, Hughes will have to fight world champion Jono Carroll. The fight will air live on ESPN+ in association with Top Rank and IFL TV in the United States. Maxi Hughes believes his size advantage will make the difference in this fight. It will be interesting to see how this match pans out. But first, let’s look at some of the key details about this world title fight.

A diet is a crucial part of being a successful boxer. For a lot of boxers, it’s hard to stay healthy and fit on a restricted diet. But Maxi Hughes’ diet plan can help you stay in the ring and improve your chances of winning. If you’re trying to make your debut as a professional boxer, try this plan to improve your overall health. The results will surprise you.

Maxi Hughes Fights

Since he started his professional career in 2009, Maxi Hughes has won a total of 21 fights and has drawn two. The bulk of his fights are in the middleweight division. Hughes is the best-known fighter from the UK, where he has fought since 2009. However, it is not clear what will be his next step in the boxing game. His career resume reflects a steady up and down progression.

The 30-year-old pound-for-pound boxer hails from Yorkshire, United Kingdom. He has competed in professional boxing for the past 11 years, and his most recent fight was in July 2018. His last win came via UD, and he currently ranks 10th in the IBF and 15th in the WBC rankings. In August 2016, Maxi Hughes defeated a fellow British boxer, James McGinley.

Hughes is a southpaw and fights from a southpaw stance. He is known for using his left hand to land power shots. His next opponent was Scott Cardle, who was 8-1-1. His loss to Cardle was a controversial PTS. This defeat ended Hughes’ eight-fight winning streak. Since then, Hughes has won 11 straight fights, becoming the 5th person to fight the distance (with Michael Mooney), stopping Imre Nagy and beating Andy Harris.

If Hughes can win this fight, the American Ryan Garcia might be a suitable opponent for him. Ryan Garcia, a former amateur and current lightweight champion, is another possible candidate. Garcia, who won the IBO strap in 2014, has had several successful fights, and has been promoted by Eddie Hearn. In addition to facing Ryan Garcia, Hughes has also fought John O’Carroll and Ryan Walsh. This fight could be a great showcase for Hughes’ boxing skills.

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