Clinton Woods Retires From Boxing
Clinton Woods Retires From Boxing

The news that Clinton Woods retires from boxing is certainly a big one. His recent loss to Antonio Tarver left fans wondering what will happen next. There is no exact answer to this question, but it’s safe to say that he’s done boxing. The former heavyweight champion had a stellar career. Although his next fight isn’t set in stone yet, his family has been his primary priority and he’ll no doubt be missed.

clinton woods retired from boxing after losing to Antonio Tarver

In the year 2000, American boxer Clinton Woods lost his first fight, to former world champion Roy Jones Jr., in the light-heavyweight division. At the time, Clinton Woods was thirty years old. After losing to Jones, Woods made his move to light-heavyweight and went on to win the European and Commonwealth titles. In addition, he won ten of his last eleven fights. Although he lost the fight to Jones, he did not allow the loss to define his career.

While Woods was beaten by Tarver in their first fight, he never looked back. In the months following the fight, Woods has been training and fighting hard and is seeking his next opponent. A Woods-Tarver fight would be a significant bout in the light-heavyweight division. Currently, Bernard Hopkins is locked in a catchweight bout against Winky Wright, who has promised to beat Hopkins, so a Woods-Tarver fight could determine who is the best light-heavyweight in the world at 175″.

After losing to Tarver, Clinton Woods will now be forced to face the reality that his career is over. After reigning as the world light-heavyweight for three years, Clinton Woods will have to deal with the fact that his dream super fight with Joe Calzaghe is now over. The decision to retire will be a tough one for Woods to swallow, but he has been in boxing for a decade now and has been in top shape since his first professional fight.

clinton woods’ next fight is not yet determined

Former boxing champion Clinton Woods announced his retirement from the sport on Friday. He was defeated by Antonio Tarver last month by a unanimous decision, resulting in a 116-112 defeat for the American. The Yorkshireman had originally intended to retire following the loss, but he changed his mind after learning the results of the fight. He also wants to repay his fans who flew to Florida to see him fight. His promoter, Dennis Hobson, supports him 100 percent.

If Clinton is a unified super-middleweight, he would likely be fighting Calzaghe in September. The two would likely fight for the IBF title, and it would be a domestic superfight. Calzaghe could move up from 175 pounds and challenge Woods for the title. A fight between Woods and Calzaghe would make sense for both parties and be the biggest event in Sheffield.

If Woods and Calzaghe face off again, they’ll have a hugely interesting rematch. Woods’ latest win over Julio Gonzalez was a knockout – a KO that put him in the position to fight Jones. The fight was a good test for both fighters. Both men were praised by the judges, but they are far from the same level.

clinton woods was a hard worker

In retirement, Clinton Woods was still a busy man. The former professional boxer has a 42-5-1 record with only one loss. He is the former IBF 175-pound champion, and held the title from 2005 to 2008. He defended his title four times, making four stoppages. In the ring, he is often seen in a gym tracksuit, and has a pronounced love for a workout.

Woods’ promoter has said that he does not want Clinton to suffer the same kind of punishment against Cloud, who threw over a thousand punches in ten rounds. Most of these punches connected to Woods’ head and face. While many boxers fought for the world title, Clinton Woods was a hard worker and a dedicated employee. But it’s unclear if he’ll fight again.

Clinton Woods is a Sheffield-born boxer and former world light heavyweight champion. His autobiography Into the Woods tells the story of his career. It covers the early years, the booze, drugs, and tussles with the law, but it’s also an honest and hard-working account of Woods’ life. Despite his long, difficult life, Clinton Woods is still widely regarded as the most popular boxer in his hometown.

clinton woods was a father

Former world light-heavyweight champion Clinton Woods announced his retirement this week. The 36-year-old had a stellar 15-year professional boxing career, earning six world titles. He began at super middleweight and rose to become the IBF light-heavyweight champion before he became a father. He also held the British and European light-heavyweight titles, and in 2001, Woods won the world title.

A Sheffield fighter, Clinton Woods was a father when he turned professional in 1994. Before entering the ring, he worked on a construction site to support his family. He had also previously worked as a plasterer. The decision to retire early was difficult, but he is grateful for his children’s support. “I’m proud to be a dad,” says Clinton Woods.

After losing to Jones, Clinton Woods fought several times to rebuild his career. In September 2003, he fought Glen Johnson for the vacant IBF light-heavyweight title and was awarded a draw. The next fight between Woods and Johnson was in Sheffield in February 2004. Both men fought for 12 rounds. At the time of his retirement, Woods was a father of two.

clinton woods was a world champion

Clinton Woods is a former boxing world champion. He had a successful career, winning titles in four weight divisions, and was an IBF champion. He fought Roy Jones Junior in September 2002 for the IBF, WBC, and WBO belts. Clinton was defeated by Jones in the sixth round, but later claimed that he wasn’t ready for the fight. Clinton will retire on November 20th.

It was a difficult time for Clinton Woods as he recently announced his retirement from boxing. The British boxer had been a world champion for 15 years. His final fight saw him lose the IBF light-heavyweight title to unbeaten American Tavoris Cloud. Woods began his career as a super middleweight, where he won the Commonwealth title. He then moved up to light heavyweight, becoming the European champion and eventually the IBF champ.

Woods grew up in a tough environment and resorted to drugs and crime. His career in boxing arose out of the void he felt in his life. He now trains on the Gleadless Valley estate with manager Dennis Hobson. He is a former British, Commonwealth, and European champion. He is the first British boxer to hold the IBF light-heavyweight title.

clinton woods was an Englishman

Clinton Woods was an English boxer who retired in 2009. He competed from 1994 until 2009 and won the IBF European and British light heavyweight titles. He also won the British and Commonwealth titles at light heavyweight and super middleweight. Woods was born in Sheffield, England, one of seven children. His father took him to the local boxing gym, and he eventually won 70 amateur fights.

In his last fight, Clinton Woods faced the aging American puncher Hoye, who has won 14 of his last 18 fights. Woods is slow to start and has been knocked down in his last fight against Jason Delisle in October 2004. The decision to fight Hoye is a big deal for both men. Woods is not the best starter, and Hoye has stopped 14 of his last 18 opponents.

During his career, Woods fought for several world titles and European titles. In 2000, he lost to Roy Jones Jr. in the undisputed championship, but he learned from the experience. After the loss, Woods won the vacant IBF title in 2005. He made four successful defenses of the title before losing to Antonio Tarver and Tavoris Cloud in April and August 2008. Woods retired with a record of 42-5-1 (25 knockouts).

clinton woods is a former professional box

Clinton Woods was born on 1 May 1972. He is a former British, European and Commonwealth light heavyweight champion and super middleweight champion. He was thirty when he lost to Roy Jones Jr. of the United States. At that time, Woods was involved in a life of crime and drugs and decided to take up boxing to escape his problems. Woods’ career is not yet over, and he is still active in the sport.

Woods announced his retirement today, announcing the end of his career after losing his world light heavyweight title to Tavoris Cloud in Florida. Woods was a former world champion, and he fought against Cloud several times. The two fought each other, and they were a team. In his final fight, Clinton Woods was beaten on points twice, and lost his IBF light heavyweight title to Cloud, a much younger fighter.

Woods was the most successful British boxer in history. His ring record is impressive, with a record of 103 wins and only one defeat. He won his IBF light heavyweight title in 1995, and fought the Jamaican Glen Johnson in the World Boxing Federation (WBC) eliminator that year. He also won the IBF light heavyweight title in 1999, and the WBC light heavyweight title in 2000.

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